deep structure

This showcases the settings NAV_MAX_LEVELS and NAV_MAX_EXPANDED_LEVELS of .../

It is nice to see a tree of items in the navigation instead of a flat list. ddd uses this tree view which shows children indented to the right from their parent.

But what if there was a structure with dozens of nested directories? At some point, the deeper directories would be shifted so far to the right that they'd go past the edge of the navigation bar. They would be squashed or spill over the real content.

ddd solves this problem by showing only up to a limited number of parent folders above the currently selected item (but the root link always stays).

ddd also has two ways to display a parent folder:

By default, it shows

You can observe how the navigation drops the topmost parents as you go deeper into the directory structure by following the demo cascade of:


(Note that it makes a difference whether the current item has children or not. If there are children, they count as another level, and another parent layer is collapsed. Compare "some item" and "this": "this" has a child, "some item" does not.)

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