carpal tunnel syndrome

The Carpal tunnel is where most of your hands' nerves are guided through the intricate boneworks of your wrist joints. It's a narrow boney tunnel, designed to protect your nerves. But sometimes it grows too narrow. (Carpal tunnel syndrome on Wikipedia)

If it does, the symptoms can be mistaken for RSI: pain in your wrists, among others. To rule this out, you need to go to a doctor to measure your nerve propagation speed.

They wired me up to three electrodes on my forearm and palm. They sent Frankenstein bolts of electricity into my forearm nerves and measured how much of it made it to my thumb. I was 100%, and not one bit closer to a cure.

Why you shouldn't follow my advice if you might have Carpal tunnel syndrome:

If your nerve tunnel grows too narrow, your nerves are being squashed. If you then follow my exercises, chances are you will squash your nerves even more and do irreversible damage. Don't do it.

Also, there certainly are other diseases out there that have nothing to do with the Carpal tunnel that cause pain in the wrists, which I don't have a clue about, since I'm not a doctor. That's why you should go see one first.

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