causes of RSI

So, you have ruled out Carpal tunnel syndrome. Chances are your wrist pain is caused by RSI. Let's see what causes RSI.

When muscles flex, energy is burnt, and a byproduct are toxines. Using a muscle with adequate force causes the toxines to be washed away, and all is well, as nature planned it.

But, using a computer keyboard, you probably...

...constantly use your fingers, with very slight force. You don't fully flex and relax any muscles, so there is little or no pumping force on the blood stream.

...forget to ever stand up from your chair/couch/bed for long hours on end, and your blood stream scales down to a minimum.

...have a cramped posture, holding your arms in front of your chest. Your back, shoulders and forearm muscles are probably cramped, actively obscuring the blood stream.

This can cause those natural toxines to not be washed away properly. So, the toxines accumulate. A "dark smog cloud", slowly, too slowly, travels past your wrist. At some point, your wrists can't take it anymore and inflame. You have RSI.

The wrist is usually the first place that gets too much of the "smog". But you can also get pain in your fingers and forearms, etc.

Not knowing what it was, it caused me huge psychological trouble. The unidentifiable pain destroyed my entire perspective on life. If this is happening to you, hey, you're not alone! If it's caused by RSI, hey, you can beat it easily without having to give up on your work or hobby.

Computer keyboards around the world are causing huge amounts of pain and cost, both financial and personal. The computer mouse and the computer keyboard are possibly the worst human interfaces invented, ever. Not that I knew of a better way, either.

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