hide items

There may be some items that you'd like to hide from the navigation tree. This is useful, for example, for folders containing JavaScript or CSS style files.

You will see a list of files and folders (if any). Each has a checkbox in the "hide" column.

Note that the items you "hide" this way are still available to the public! The only effect the "hide" checkbox has is that the item will not be listed. But, if its URL is requested explicitly, ddd will gladly serve the file or show the folder.

If you want to effectively make items non-public, well, then don't put them in your ddd! Hidden items still need to be accessible because you want to be able to use the script or image files in hidden folders on the web.

Note that there also is a different way of hiding files and photos, by moving those that should be shown into a sub-folder called "_files" or "_photos", respectively. This way is more convenient

For example, make an image file visible, hiding all others, like this:

The "_photos" folder will be created and is hidden by default. It works the same for files, using a "_files/" folder.

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